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FLUCT - Full Color Personality Test app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 4528 ratings )
Lifestyle Medical Education
Developer: Psystor
1.99 USD
Current version: 3.7, last update: 6 months ago
First release : 11 Jan 2011
App size: 7.83 Mb

Full Color Personality Test - world-known psychological test.

NB: Application has been renamed to resolve copyright issues with Prof. Dr. Max Luscher.

► FLUCT is unparalleled color personality test implementation based on advanced technique of testing and processing dramatically improving the accuracy of the results.

► Color test facts:
▷ Based on the experimentally discovered relationship between a preference for certain colors and current psychological state of a person.
▷ Allows for a short time to give a deep, wide and free of conscious control of the respondent a picture of his inner dispositions and intentions.
▷ Not limited to any intellectual, cultural, language or age limits.
▷ Worldwide, successfully used for
▷ ▷ self-diagnosis and correction of psychological state;
▷ ▷ analysis of the causes of family conflicts and problems in personal life;
▷ ▷ сhoice and evaluation of effectiveness of psychotherapeutic methods;
▷ ▷ psychological examinations in sports, judicial, business and other spheres of activity.

Latest reviews of FLUCT - Full Color Personality Test app for iPhone and iPad

Very Good
Great and accurate app with many updates. Unique. Its telling me something confidential about myself. I like it.
If you are an experienced Luscher user, this is a quick and handy test platform.
BUT if you are new to the theory, this release will annoy you to tears. Complete failure to conform to English syntax makes the results sound clownish. A competent english editor could fix this and I urge the developers to do so immediately. If you are already a Luscher test fan, youll still be annoyed but youll recognize the meanings beneath the bizarre translations.
Accurate ... to a fault
Have used the Luscher Color Test for decades. Used in conjunction with interrogation techniques as a Police Detective for an edge and insight into a suspects state of being. Extremely helpful and accurate. Self analysis can be painful if not prepared to hear the truth. Great App!
Good but....
The coders did a fairly good job of moving the Lucher over to a digital format, however their English translation is terrible. These folks charge quite a bit of money, and you would think that they would invest in flawless translation. Maybe in a subsequent version they will take their job seriously.
This really works I was skeptical at first, but it works The only thing is, is that it needs a Better translation
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